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Forklift Licence Training Courses

Rutherford Newcastle 2320 NSW

Registered Training Organisation No:40678 Workcover Approval No:800243


PH: 1300 271 399

Our Training Centre 68 Mustang Drive Rutherford 2320

Head Office 2/36 Abbott Road Seven Hills 2147 NSW



Are you are considering employment anywhere in the warehousing, retail, shipping, or manufacturing industry, your next step should be getting yourself an LF forklift certification by attending Absolute Forklift Training's seven days a week daily forklift courses.



Because many companies that utilize forklifts in their production, storage, and transportation systems, give hiring priorities to operators with proper training who have obtained professionally instructed forklift training and licensing.


New South Wales employers are looking to make sure you’re certified and skilled. Certified forklift drivers have a huge advantage since the training and licencing are professionally designed to equip all operators with proficient skills when operating daily in the workplace, making the operator more aware in avoiding common occupational hazards and minimizing any or all potential injuries.




Also, it’s important to note: that this training is required by law before a person drives any High-Risk Work machinery ( LF Forklift).


Employment Opportunities


Well-established companies with international affiliations can be stricter in their hiring as most require their forklift operators with full licence certification. In some cases it's not unusual that they require Current forklift license operators to have successfully completed full Refresher HRW Training within the last 12 months.


Newcastle's job hunters provide heavy competition, so getting forklift licence certified is very important if you want to get the job you want.



Getting yourself licenced is one sure way of wisely investing in your professional working future.


Newcastle employers are waiting. Don’t miss your chance for that lucrative job position opening.

Check Out Our All Our Different Course Types and Durations.

Get Forklift License Certified Now!

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